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As we are moving quickly through the month of August, it’s time to think about retiring the summer ‘toys’ and work equipment and ready them for storage and preparing your vehicles and other winter season equipment for the fall/winter season.  Thinking ahead and working ahead pays off when “ahead” time is upon us.  (And how quickly it does arrive!) 

A couple of announcements  from AMSOIL:

Ea15K20 Oil Filter Changes

The Ea15K20 Oil Filter will soon incorporate minor changes to its flute design and baseplate. Moving forward, the GA264 Filter Wrench will no longer fit the Ea15K20. The GA251 Filter Wrench is recommended in its place. The performance and applications for the Ea15K20 remain unchanged.

API SN PLUS Specification is Here

April 30, 2018 - Tech Update
May 1 is the first licensable date for API SN PLUS. The soon-to-take-effect specification was requested by the automobile industry to protect passenger vehicles from low-speed pre-ignition (LSPI). AMSOIL anticipated this change, and the current Signature SeriesXL and OE synthetic motor oil formulations all meet or exceed the specification. Look for updated product labels featuring the new API “donut” soon. For more information on the dangers of LSPI, visit

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AMSOIL Price Adjustment Effective Oct. 1, 2018

Rising costs including raw materials, transportation, packaging and labor have prompted most major and independent lubricant companies, including ExxonMobil*, Valvoline*, Chevron*, Shell (Pennzoil)* and Castrol*, to announce up to 9-10 percent price increases effective in July and August. These rising costs also affect AMSOIL, requiring us to implement an average price increase of 3 percent in the U.S. and Canada effective Oct. 1, 2018. Despite this minimal price increase, we continue to ensure superior-quality products while maintaining competitive pricing. Commission credits will be increased accordingly.  

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