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For those new people you can find out more about US and this NEWSLETTER below at my website by clicking BLOG at the top of the page.  Yes! This is the 90th issue (7.5 years!) Every month.  There’s lots of information to be digested throughout those 7.5 years.  Take a look. 

I just used some MUDSLINGER (AMSSC) on my snowblower!  Wow, it worked great.  Didn’t clog once and I was pushing snow from the street to the parkway grass.  I figure I save at least one watering of the parkway in the spring, it clears the street (especially when we are supposed to get more snow in a couple of days).  It’s just a small blower … not the powerful single or double stage that some people have. 

I have also found the new GLASS CLEANER (AGCSC) works wonders with the car windows and mirrors and getting all the road film from the windows & mirrors  (great for inside the house too).  No more smashing a cigarette and rubbing the tobacco on the windshield to clean it, or pouring Coke on the windshield to clean it.  Spray ammonia free Glass Cleaner on and wipe off with a paper towel or lint free rag for best results.  Works great! 

For you new people, find out if using AMSOIL really did destroy the engine in Jon’s wife’s car! 

Here’s a prediction:  Today is one more day closer to Spring!  It will come.  Be patient.  Now Is the time to think about preparing all your “toys” for the spring and summer!    It’s also time to be thinking about putting your winter toys and workhorses away for the spring, summer, fall.  Do it right.  Ask us (Jon or Don – See our Email addresses in the Newsletter) how to best care for your storage equipment and to ready your summer equipment. 

We are here to help you get the longest and best life out of any equipment.  Just ask us.  Thanks for reading this issue of the Newsletter.  


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