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Coming this fall (September 2018) I will be having Education Nights at my home for Dealers, PCs, Retail Accounts, and Commercial Accounts. Others may attend as space permits. More information will be forthcoming. 

The purpose of the meetings is to let you know about (1) what is happening in the lubrication industry, (2) New products from AMSOIL, (3) Question and answer period, (4) Occasional guest speakers, (5) Food supplementation – ALTRUM, and (6) Other interesting and important information. 

I may have a couple of meetings before the September time frame to get a feel for interest. Your interest will determine what will be covered at each meeting. Your input is important! (I will be at the AMSOIL 45th Anniversary Convention from July 16 – July 22 to learn more in able to share more). 

Please submit your subjects of interest to me for inclusion in the series. I will send an Email invitation to all interested persons as well as a listing of the next subjects to be covered each meeting. I have limited space, so please let me know which meeting you will be attending. (up to 25 people in cooler weather--up to 8 in hot weather.) 

Basic beverages and snacks will be provided. 

If you are interested in attending, please let me know by Email ( ) of your interest and I will ensure you are on the list to receive an official invite. 

Please send subjects you wish to be covered or questions you would like to have answered. This is an Education Night for YOU! 

Tentatively scheduled for Thursday Evenings from 7 PM to 8 PM. No sales pitches will be given. Anyone needing to pick up products please wait until the meeting has ended. 

(Please contact me for one-on-one meetings/training for you and/or your group). 

Thank you! 


Don & Peg Olson (ZO# 4901 – Direct Jobber) 
5131 Starling Dr. 
Lincoln, NE 68516-1949 

402 489-3930 (Home Phone) 
402 310-6414 (Cell phone) 


 (402) 489-3930

 5131 Starling Dr 
Lincoln, NE 68516 - 1949 
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