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Just checking in to see if you have any AMSOIL related needs or questions. 

This month’s newsletter talks about extended drain intervals, changing your own oil, and a few of many nutritional supplements by ALTRUM (Health Division of Amsoil).  For more information go...

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!  

I wanted to pass along this month’s Newsletter.  It marks a milestone as we have reached the 100th issue.  Last month I talked about Amsoil’s newest product, Upper Cylinder Lubricant and this month I take a look at some...

AMSOIL Products user,

Hopefully your Thanksgiving went well and you were able to eat some good food. 

This month’s newsletter focuses solely on Amsoil’s new Upper Cylinder Lubricant.  I can’t say I was super knowledgeable before I started doing the research on it and, as with everything,...

Amsoil Products User, 

Enjoy this issue of the Monthly Newsletter.  Learn about “Oil Balls”.  I didn’t know they existed until I read Jon’s explanation in the Newsletter.  Interesting reading! 

Thanks for keeping your vehicles in safe condition.  Have you changed your...
Are your work engines, work equipment and “toys” ready for Summer?  Now is the time to get them ready.  

Check out April Newsletter! 

Thanks for being an enthusiastic AMSOIL products user.  You can’t find...
I know … I was waiting for Spring before I sent this out.  Well, it’s not quite spring outside, but Mother Nature has promised me it is coming soon … very soon.  So, stand by for some nicer weather! 

Enjoy the newsletter … should be another one yet this month, later. 

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