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Dear AMSOIL products user, The first days of Fall are upon us. Somewhat temperate weather, vacations over, kids back in school, and harvest time looms in the very near future. 

AMSOIL’s newest product: FIREARM CLEANER and FIREARM LUBRICANT.  Hunters, gun enthusiasts, target/sport shooters, Firearms Professionals (gunsmiths, firearms safety instructors) and firearms retailers.  This product is getting a lot of action.  Has your firearm ever: performed poorly due to fouling and powder residue, accumulated rust while in storage, misfired or jammed, gummed up, or it didn’t perform well in cold or hot temperatures? 

Synthetic Firearm Lubricant Advantages: Lubricates and protects-Reduces friction to help prevent blockage, jams and wear.  Full-synthetic formula-works well in hot and cold conditions, Safe for all firearm components. 

Firearm Cleaner Advantages: Cleans and protects-Corrosion inhibitors protect firearms from corrosion that damages vital and expensive components, Removes fouling and powder residue-Sprays into hard-to-reach places, Safe for all firearm components. 

Click on the link below for more essential information regarding other AMSOIL products and on Page 4 check out why AMSOIL goes the ‘extra mile’ with its products and customer service! 

Thank you for being a part of the full-synthetic lubricant revolution!  

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