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I know … I was waiting for Spring before I sent this out.  Well, it’s not quite spring outside, but Mother Nature has promised me it is coming soon … very soon.  So, stand by for some nicer weather! 

Enjoy the newsletter … should be another one yet this month, later. 

Issue 91 -...
AMSOIL Products User,

For those new people you can find out more about US and this NEWSLETTER below at my website by clicking BLOG at the top of the page.  Yes! This is the 90th issue (7.5 years!) Every month.  There’s lots of information to be digested throughout those 7.5...
Amsoil Products User, 

Most of us are in the throes of winter, or maybe just difficult weather.  Ensure your vehicle is up to date on oil and filter changes.  While you are checking, check your next fluid change interval for: Transmission Fluid; Brake Fluid; Power Steering Fluid;...
Merry Christmas to all.  May your New Year 2019 be the best and most prosperous ever! 

Don & Peg Olson  (ZO# 4901 – Direct Jobber)
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Dear AMSOIL customer, 

Want to learn more about AMSOIL and their products, see the last page of the newsletter for more information. 

Don & Peg Olson  (ZO# 4901 – Direct Jobber)
5131 Starling Dr.
Lincoln, NE 68516-1949 

402 489-3930...

The question still remains:  Did using AMSOIL really destroy my engine? 

Find out more about this in the newsletter!!!  

Don & Peg Olson  (ZO# 4901 – Direct Jobber)
5131 Starling Dr.
Lincoln, NE 68516-1949 
402 489-3930...
September 2018 AMSOIL Newsletter.  Prices increase slightly October 1, 2018.  Major oil companies have already increased their prices 6 – 10 percent in July and August! 

Thanks for reading.  Comments...
Dear AMSOIL Products user, 

As we are moving quickly through the month of August, it’s time to think about retiring the summer ‘toys’ and work equipment and ready them for storage and preparing your vehicles and other winter season equipment for the fall/winter season.  Thinking ahead...
Summer seems to have ‘jumped in’ immediately following Winter (in case you hadn’t noticed). Keep your vehicles running cooler all Summer by putting AMSOIL in them from the radiator to the rear end! It pays off in better gas mileage, better performance and better protection than...

Coming this fall (September 2018) I will be having Education Nights at my home for Dealers, PCs, Retail Accounts, and Commercial Accounts. Others may attend as space permits. More information will be forthcoming. 

The purpose of the meetings is to let you know about...

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