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The question still remains:  Did using AMSOIL really destroy my engine? 

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September 2018 AMSOIL Newsletter.  Prices increase slightly October 1, 2018.  Major oil companies have already increased their prices 6 – 10 percent in July and August! 

Thanks for reading.  Comments...
Dear AMSOIL Products user, 

As we are moving quickly through the month of August, it’s time to think about retiring the summer ‘toys’ and work equipment and ready them for storage and preparing your vehicles and other winter season equipment for the fall/winter season.  Thinking ahead...

Coming this fall (September 2018) I will be having Education Nights at my home for Dealers, PCs, Retail Accounts, and Commercial Accounts. Others may attend as space permits. More information will be forthcoming. 

The purpose of the meetings is to let you know about...
Summer seems to have ‘jumped in’ immediately following Winter (in case you hadn’t noticed). Keep your vehicles running cooler all Summer by putting AMSOIL in them from the radiator to the rear end! It pays off in better gas mileage, better performance and better protection than...
It’s going to be a great Spring, Summer and Fall for all those outdoor activities!  Boating, Skiing, Skeet Shooting, Motorcycling, Vacationing, Gardening, Lawn Care, Two-day trips, Fishing, Hunting, Touring, Checking out wineries, Ball games, Taking walks, Kids to the parks, swimming,...
Dear AMSOIL “family member”,

It feels like we jumped from Winter into Summer.  Maybe not everyone, but here in the Midwest we seemed to have missed a nice long leisurely spring.  Our “spring” was from Winter directly into Summer!

Hope you have all of your...
Spring is in the air … it just hasn’t arrived yet!  Time to think about getting the spring, summer and fall workhorses and toys out of storage and get the maintenance done on them.  Don’t wait (procrastinate) too long!  

Thanks for being an enthusiastic and loyal AMSOIL...
AMSOIL Products user, 

Whether you believe in the Ground-hog theory of determining if we will have 6 more weeks of Winter, before warmer weather breaks upon our land, or if you do not believe in it, you can rest assured that the weather persons know that it will always be another period of...
Dear 100% synthetic lubricant user,

Are your vehicles keeping up with the weather?  Antifreeze not freezing?  Oil still pumping as soon as you hit the start key? Making howling sounds when turning the steering wheel?  Brakes not fading?  There is a lot of responsibility in...

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