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Dear AMSOIL products user, The first days of Fall are upon us. Somewhat temperate weather, vacations over, kids back in school, and harvest time looms in the very near future. 

AMSOIL’s newest product: FIREARM CLEANER and FIREARM LUBRICANT.  Hunters, gun enthusiasts,...
AMSOIL Enthusiast, 

Hot summer days, vacations, back to school … all great reasons for ensuring ALL fluids in your vehicle(s) are up to date. AMSOIL has it all:  Coolant; Brake Fluid; Power Steering Fluid; Oil; Filters-Oil, Air and Fuel; Transmission; Differential; Gear Lube; everything...

Product Highlight:

Signature Series 5W-20 Synthetic Motor Oil

AMSOIL Signature Series Syn-thetic Motor Oil is engineeredto outperform conventional andsynthetic motor oils. It combinesindustry-premier synthetic tech-nology with AMSOIL premiumadditives in a unique formula-tion that exceeds the higher...

Synthetic Oil Changes and Other Tips for Preventing an Overheated Engine This Summer

Your engine already faces many dangerous factors on a regular basis, but with summer here, the dangers can intensify. Two of the most troubling elements that your engine deals with are friction and heat. Both of...
Good day to you; hope you enjoy this issue of the OM Newsletter.  

Installment 2 of Oil analysis is quite interesting, so you won’t want to miss that and an overview of the New Preferred Customer program should be interesting to everyone! 

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 How Synthetic Oil and Driving Factors Affect Fuel Consumption

We had previously mentioned how synthetic oil changes can improve the fuel economy of your vehicle, but today we want to further discuss the importance of reducing fuel use and provide further insight as to how synthetic oil and other...
Here is how to get the best operation, performance and longevity of any vehicle or mechanical device: (From earth movers, cranes, and bulldozers to two cycle weed whackers, cultivators, and even bicycles and kid’s wagons). 

Regular preventive maintenance: 
Complete preventive...

Product Highlight: Oil Analyzers Test Kit

It’s that time of year again whenI get ready to perform all the an-nual maintenance on my vehicle.

AMSOIL provides oil analysisservice options. By analyzingused engine oil, a qualified lab candetect mechanicalengine may have.


Synthetic Oil, a Better Choice for Your Engine and the Environment

Without our vehicle, it would be almost impossible for us to get to work, school and the many places that are on our daily agenda. In other words, we are extremely dependent on our vehicles and our lives revolve around them in...

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