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Synthetic Oil Changes and Other Tips for Preventing an Overheated Engine This Summer

Your engine already faces many dangerous factors on a regular basis, but with summer here, the dangers can intensify. Two of the most troubling elements that your engine deals with are friction and heat. Both of these factors increase during the summer due to the driving and weather conditions. That is why today at Olson Marketing, we want to share some tips on how to avoid an overheated engine this summer.

Keep Engine Fluids at a Safe Level

The heat causes fluids to deplete more easily. This summer, avoid dehydration and help your engine do the same. Just like we need to drink more water and fluids during hot days, your vehicle also needs some extra care in this area. The heat causes your engine to use up the fluids faster and increases the need to stay cool. Although all engine fluids are important, motor oil and coolant are the two essential fluids that you need to be most attentive with during the summer. These two fluids work in separate systems but both help protect the engine against heat.

Check the Motor Oil and Coolant Levels Often

Check the oil and coolant levels more often during the summer and take note of any excessive reduction of levels. It is normal for the levels of fluids to drop slightly more than usual during the summer, but not too much. Running on low levels of coolant or motor oil can be highly hazardous for your engine. Read our previous post here, on the importance of checking your motor oil for more information. In regards to the coolant, we recommend that you carry a bottle of coolant in your vehicle during the summer, especially if you are heading out on a long road trip.

The Importance of Synthetic Oil for Heat Reduction

Friction is usually the main culprit of heat production inside the engine.  Since motor oil directly fights off friction through lubrication, it also helps reduce heat. The oil levels must be well maintained and the oil needs to be in good conditions so that it can continuously offer the friction protection your engine needs. This article explains a little more on why  friction creates heat inside your engine and how you can help reduce it.

Synthetic Oil Also Helps Remove Heat

The motor oil in your engine provides lubrication but it also has other functions. Besides reducing friction, a good motor oil should also be able to absorb heat. The engine can sometimes get exceptionally hot and not all motor oils can handle such intense heat. Most motor oils will lose the molecular strength to truly lubricate when facing very high temperatures. Synthetic oil is the only type of motor oil that can truly withstand exceptional temperatures and still provide the most outstanding protection and lubrication. AMSOIL full synthetic oil handles all friction and heat situations like a pro. It continually works to offer the highest level of lubrication, keeping friction at a minimum and absorbing the heat to help cool down those parts. Contact us now and place your engine in better hands when you use AMSOIL.

Constantly Check the Temperature Gauge

As obvious as this may sound, many persons are not used to checking the temperature gauge on their dashboard. In the summer, it is necessary that you become accustomed to glancing down at the temperature to check that it is not spiking up to the max. Doing this one thing can prevent intense engine overheating and save your vehicle from a tragic fate. First, take note of what the normal temperature range is for your vehicle. When your vehicle is in normal operating conditions glance at the temperature gauge and note where the indicator usually remains, do this during several trips. That way, if it ever moves higher than that range you will be able to detect an abnormality and immediately stop your vehicle to check. Allowing you to prevent a disaster before the temperature gauge indicates a maximum temperature that may already have affected your engine.  If the temperature tends to rise quickly in your vehicle then you may need to immediately add more coolant and get the cooling system checked as soon as possible.

Summer Synthetic Oil Change Specials in Lincoln

Get your vehicle ready for the action and heat of the summer, go for a synthetic oil change today. With AMSOIL products, you can prevent engine failure and overheating. Call us at (402) 489-3930 and let Olson Marketing provide just what you need to keep your engine safe this summer.

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