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First:  Check on line at  Select “I need products for” click on the picture for auto/light truck.  Fill in vehicle year (click on ‘build list’), enter Make, Model, and Engine Size (eighth digit of your VIN in most cases).  

The information is located under Fluids, Brake Fluid for what is recommended for your vehicle. 

Four 12 ounce bottles are usually enough to complete a flush of your brake system (check your owner’s manual or the garage you will be taking it to.) 

Use AMSOIL synthetic brake fluid (BF3-SN) in all brake systems requiring DOT 3 brake fluid.  May be mixed with DOT 4 or DOT 5.1 fluids.
  • Follow vehicle Manufacturer’s recommendations when adding brake fluid.
  • Keep brake fluid clean and dry. Contamination with dirt, water, petroleum products or other material may result in brake failure or costly repairs.
  • Store brake fluid only in its original container.  Keep container clean and tightly closed to prevent absorption of moisture. 
  • CAUTION: Do not refill container and do not use for other liquids.
  • Avoid spilling fluid on brake lining and car finish. 
It is recommended to flush your brake system every two years.  In the year you do not flush the system it is recommended to bleed your brakes.

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