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Hot summer days, vacations, back to school … all great reasons for ensuring ALL fluids in your vehicle(s) are up to date. AMSOIL has it all:  Coolant; Brake Fluid; Power Steering Fluid; Oil; Filters-Oil, Air and Fuel; Transmission; Differential; Gear Lube; everything you need! Also don’t forget about your fuel injector cleaner.  We have the correct oil for virtually every vehicle made. Contact us with any questions regarding the lubrication your vehicle needs. 

As of August 1, 2016 AMSOIL was forced to raise many prices about 6%. A modest rise in price since it has been five years since prices were raised prior to this time. If you desire to have a New Confidential Price list just Email me with your request and I will send it via Email. 

While you are waiting for the new price list, take a look at the August Newsletter. 

Click on the link below to view this month’s newsletter and check out the videos Jon has for you!

Hope your Summer has been the best and your fall will be better (eh … did I say that?) 

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