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Dear Newsletter Reader,

Let me first say, Merry Christmas … and hope your aspirations for the new year all turn out! 

Don’t miss Jon and Stacey’s and Don & Peg’s picture on the front page of this newsletter!  Thought you might like to see the “real people” behind this newsletter.  The pictures were taken on Peg and Don’s 40thanniversary (when it was green outside and a bit warmer than now).  

Jon is working on more videos in the next year. Hope you have been keeping up with them.  You can subscribe to his YouTube channel and be the first to see any new videos.  You can share all of his videos with friends, neighbors, acquaintances … anybody you like.  He will appreciate the help in getting the word out. 

We want to encourage you to read the Newsletter every month and give us feedback.  One other Christmas stocking stuffer suggestion that did not make the list on page 4 is (AQSCN) Quickshot. 

Have a great and safe Holiday Season! 


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