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Whether you believe in the Ground-hog theory of determining if we will have 6 more weeks of Winter, before warmer weather breaks upon our land, or if you do not believe in it, you can rest assured that the weather persons know that it will always be another period of time before spring is finally here.  Don’t despair, keep taking your ALTRUM Vitamin D food supplement to give you a better physical and psychological outlook on life until Summer arrives when you wish for cooler weather again.  

Check out the article on Performance Improver in this month’s newsletter!  Also on the Page 5 especially for dealers check out the short article on how to increase your business easily.  Anyone else that would like those brochures please contact me and I will send you one by return snail mail. 

(All 78 Newsletter issues can be found at by selecting BLOG on the website. Also, all the videos Dr. Jonathan has made can be found there also.) 

Happy motoring!  Now click on the link below, sit back with your favorite beverage and read the short newsletter.  Thank you! 


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