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Dear AMSOIL Products user,

Thank you for using AMSOIL products, the First in Synthetics and, I believe, the best lubricant you can use to keep your mechanical devices running young and for a longer time. 

The Driveway Maintenance tips that Jon provides you are professionally done, easy to understand and perform. He researches everything first, then performs the maintenance while videoing it. Then he painstakingly edits the video for clarity and accuracy. You won’t find better videos. Even if you don’t do your own ‘Driveway Maintenance’ the videos give you an idea of how easily the maintenance is performed or the difficulty of the maintenance. (That’s why sometimes Jon suggest that you use a garage with the proper equipment and a known mechanic you can trust to do the work).

For more information on any facet of AMSOIL (Products, Corporate, Marketing Plan, or just questions regarding your vehicle maintenance please do not hesitate to contact either Jon or me (Don) and we will answer any and all questions you have regarding AMSOIL products in any of the three Divisions: Synthetic Lubricants Division -- Synthetic Lubricants, Health Division -- Natural Food Supplements (ALTRUM) or the Agronomy Division -- Liquid Organic Fertilizers (AGGRAND). 

Thanks for reading our Newsletter.  Be a happy, healthy motorist and keep your lawn and garden soil happy and healthy! 


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