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Spring is in the air … it just hasn’t arrived yet!  Time to think about getting the spring, summer and fall workhorses and toys out of storage and get the maintenance done on them.  Don’t wait (procrastinate) too long!  

Thanks for being an enthusiastic and loyal AMSOIL customer!  Your vehicle loves you, and so do all the squeaky hinges around the house.  Time for some MP (Metal Protector) for that lube job!  

While you’re ordering that Metal Protector, how about new oil and filter for your vehicle?  Maybe the transmission needs new fluid to make it operate more smoothly and give you better gas mileage.  Non-AMSOIL fluid change between 30,000 and 40,000 miles.  Using AMSOIL Signature Series you can usually double that mileage!  It’s important!  Rebuilt transmissions take several days to two weeks to rebuild and thousands of dollars!  

Have a great spring!  And a better Summer!   

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