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Just what is LSPI?????  It’s important!  Look at this and next month’s newsletter for the full story and where you stand. 

This is just one more reason for all catalog customers to upgrade your registration to Preferred Customer or Dealer Status.

This is just one more reason for all Preferred Customers to upgrade your registration to Dealer Status.

This is just one more reason for all Dealers to “get on the bandwagon” and promote the song of AMSOIL as well as to build your business to new heights!  

Contact me for any help or questions regarding AMSOIL products!  It’s easier than ever to gain new customers due to the advancements in the AMSOIL business. 

There has NEVER been a better time to become an AMSOIL Dealer than right now.  

It’s time to think about getting your vehicles ready for fall and winter.  With the unpredictable weather on the West and East coasts, everyone should be prepared for different weather in the future over the “Normal” fall and winter seasons. 

Anti-freeze, Transmission fluid, brakes and fluid … etc.  All preventive and corrective maintenance should be accomplished as soon as possible – whether using a qualified mechanic (garage) or by doing it yourself! 

Thanks for being an enthusiastic AMSOIL user!!! 

Sincerely, Don & Peg

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