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Reduce Engine Problems by Checking the Oil and Getting a Synthetic Oil Change

Prevention is the most vital step to taking good care of your vehicle, and an oil check is a simple yet effective way to make sure you catch any minor complications before they become larger issues. For this reason, we want to talk about checking the oil and how this and getting a synthetic oil change can help your vehicle stay in top shape.

Why Oil Checks and Synthetic Oil Changes?

As you may already have heard before, if we were to compare the vehicle to a human, the motor would be the heart and the oil would be the blood. We need blood to survive, it helps keep us alive and if we loose too much blood we could die. If the blood is not working properly we may need a blood transfusion, an engine is very similar. The blood needs to be of good quality in order to nourish us and keeps us healthy. In the same manner, the oil we use for the engine must surpass all standards in order to truly protect and provide the engine with proper lubrication, protection and keep the engine in a healthy state. Using a quality synthetic oil is the best way to ensure this. Amsoil full synthetic oil is the best blood for your engine, it provides all the right protection and many benefits, helping maintain your engine in top shape. Contact us now and buy only the best, buy Amsoil.

What Can an Oil Check Tell You?

Although most of us don't need to be changing our blood,  (our bodies are supposed to filter, and purify it as needed) we do need to take blood tests every so often to make sure everything is running well. When we check the oil of our vehicle it is similar to running a blood test as it can tell us many important things and let us know if things are running smoothly or if there might be a problem that needs to be dealt with. The first thing that an oil check can tell you is how much oil there is, whether it is too little or just enough or if you need to add some more.  If you check the oil frequently it will help you notice any inconsistencies or spot any problems before they become major.

Needing to Add More Oil Constantly May Indicate a Bigger Problem

When an engine starts requiring more oil to be added sooner than normal it is time to get it inspected. It is ok to have to add oil once in a while, but if you check the oil routinely and often need to be adding oil then it may be a sign that something is wrong. Leaks, old seals or other damaged engine parts may cause the engine to start consuming more oil than what it should. Your driving habits also make a difference and the type of motor oil you use can also mark a difference. Try to take note of how often you need to add oil and it will be easier to notice if there is an inconsistency or abrupt spike in the frequency.

The Condition the Oil Is in Helps Determine If You Need to Change It

The second most important thing an oil check will let you know is what conditions the oil is in. Although your records should be able to let you know if the oil needs to be changed, in case you are not well aware of whether or not you should get an oil change soon, knowing what conditions the oil is in will help you determine if the oil needs to be changed soon or not. Look at the oil in the dipstick and pick some up in between your fingers rub it lightly and if it leaves a streak of dirt or smudge it is most likely wearing out and should be changed. If the color is dark but still translucent it may still be good for a few miles but once it becomes very black then it is not in such great conditions. For more information on how to check the oil watch our video on Checking Oil, here.

The Best Specials for Your Synthetic Oil Change in Fremont

Amsoil full synthetic oil is quality blood for your engine. At Olson Marketing, we have only the most efficient and effective products for the well being of your engine. Call us now at (402) 489-3930 and find the right items and incredible prices, ask about our specials today.  

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