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A Synthetic Oil Change Is the Best Decision You Can Make

Switching to synthetic oil is one of the best decisions you can make, and the smartest investment for your engine. It will allow you to save money, time and effort while keeping your engine secured and in excellent shape for a prolonged period of time. In a previous post we mentioned some easy steps to follow when changing from conventional oil to full synthetic oil. Today at Olson Marketing  we want to explain a few other things you should keep in mind when getting a synthetic oil change.

Synthetic Oil Offers Superior Protection Against Sludge and Residue Build Up

When a vehicle has utilized conventional motor oil in for a while, and the oil changes have not always been up to date, the engine may have accumulated several sludge deposits. This is because regular motor oil is not as efficient as synthetic oil, in removing residue build up, and over the years all that gunk and sludge begin to add up. Before your first synthetic oil change you may want to internally cleanse your engine if you find that there is reasonable doubt of severe sludge build up. However, keep in mind that flushing the engine is not part of a regular maintenance routine and can best be avoided by always using full synthetic oil.

Synthetic Oil Helps the Engine Stay Gunk Free

Synthetic oil is able to offer durable and constant protection against friction by providing effective lubrication in all sorts of weather and any type of temperature change. It also has great cleansing properties that allow it to keep the engine free of foreign particles that can accumulate and stick to the engine creating excessive gunk and sludge build up. If the engine has sludge build up, synthetic oil will begin removing that build up and eliminating it through the oil filter.

Check the Oil Filter as Well as the Oil on a Regular Basis

Never postpone changing the oil filter. It is always important to not just change the oil but to also check the oil filter and replace it as needed. If the oil filter becomes clogged because of so much residue that is being cleaned out, it may not allow the oil to thoroughly and properly flow and can cause other problems. Check your oil and oil filter and go to our online store to find all and every product to meet your engine´s needs.

In Some Cases an Engine Flush May Be Needed

In some cases it may be necessary to use AMSOIL Engine and Transmission Flush (FLSHCN) if the engine has severe sludge build up. It is always best to have this looked at by a professional as some of the newer vehicles have engines of higher technology that may be affected by engine flushes. Keep in mind that not all engine flush products have the same composition and some contain stronger chemicals that can cause wear in an engine that is not significantly soiled, internally. Unless there are serious residue problems affecting its function, using synthetic oil on a regular basis may be the most beneficial answer. Contact us now on (402) 489-3930 to find out more on how we can help you properly care for your engine.

Is It Safe to Switch Back and Forth Between Conventional and Synthetic Oil?

Another question we hear often is regarding whether it is safe to use synthetic oil and then use conventional oil and continue switching back and forth. In short answer is yes, it is safe. However once you start using synthetic oil you will experience many benefits and it is likely you may never want to go back. The other thing to keep in mind is that you can see many benefits even in your first synthetic oil change, but you may need to use synthetic oil constantly to fully experience the many other incredible advantages and witness all the improvements it can bring to your engine, such as increased horsepower and better overall engine performance.

Ask About Our Specials for Your Synthetic Oil Change in Omaha

Whether you just bought your first car and want to learn more about the the best oil change to take good care of it, or have been using synthetic oil for many years, the benefits of synthetic oil can be seen and experienced from the start. Start using the best synthetic oil, purchase Amsoil and go get your synthetic oil change today. Call us now at (402) 489-3930 and ask about our specials.


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