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Here is how to get the best operation, performance and longevity of any vehicle or mechanical device: (From earth movers, cranes, and bulldozers to two cycle weed whackers, cultivators, and even bicycles and kid’s wagons). 

Regular preventive maintenance: 
Complete preventive maintenance according to the manufacturer’s data sheets you get with each equipment. 
  •  Eliminate Heat in the equipment: The best way is to use a full synthetic lubricant (Group IV PAO) manufactured to exacting standards. 
  •  Eliminate Dirt, dust particles and other contaminants by utilizing the best filtration system available. 
  •  Eliminate Abuse of the system: Hot Rodding, Pulling or Pushing heavy loads beyond what the vehicle was designed for. 

AMSOIL lubricants are full synthetic (Group IV PAO-polyalphaolefin). The best product money can buy. 

AMSOIL filtration systems utilize nano-fiber technology. The best filtration system money can buy. 

Your job is to set up a preventive maintenance schedule and perform the preventive maintenance on schedule. (I can help you set up your maintenance schedules on all of your equipment). 

Your savings: 
  •  Equipment performs better 
  •  Less costly maintenance is required 
  •  Cleaner internal operation of equipment 
  •  Easier starting (less drag on the mechanical operation) 
  •  Cooler operating equipment 
  •  Equipment lasts longer, less purchasing of new systems 

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