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Superior Lubrication From a Synthetic Oil Change in Saunders County

In our previous post we discussed some of the many benefits of synthetic oil and how it can eliminate the need for unnecessary procedures, we also mentioned that it offers better lubrication than other motor oils. Today at Olson Marketing we want to further explain the superior lubrication that synthetic oil can provide for your engine and why it is vital that your car is protected against the harmful effects of friction.

Good Lubrication is Essential for the Durability of the Engine

When an engine is well lubricated, the engine parts will effectively continue to move without harsh grinding or strong abrasion. Without this the engine parts would scrape each other so roughly that they would quickly wear out or break leading to disastrous engine malfunction. The job of the motor oil is to reduce the friction by coating the parts and pieces of the engine with its slick and smooth properties. Due to the slippery characteristic that oil has, it creates a silky surface for the engine parts to work together and rub against each other as needed, without struggling or tearing each other in the process. Now, not all motor oils can effectively get the job done, all the time.

Factors That Affect Engine Lubrication

The temperature, the level of friction and the amount of gunk residue in the oil, can all affect the ability of motor oil to properly coat and and lubricate engine parts against friction.How effective a motor oil is in handling all of those factors such as extreme weather, makes all the difference in how protected the engine is against the damaging effects of friction. Different types of motor oils offer different degrees of protection, and the best way to ensure that your engine is receiving the best coverage against dangerous factors is to use the high quality synthetic oil in your all your oil changes. Contact us now, to find out how Amsoil can best protect your engine and provides quality full synthetic lubrication for your vehicle.

Regular Motor Oil Vs. Synthetic Oil

Regular motor oil also know as conventional motor oil is mostly petroleum based. This type of motor oil is usually the cheapest in price and protection, specially because of its inability to confront acute weather conditions and difficult temperatures. Unlike synthetic oil that has an outstanding ability to withstand all sorts of severe temperatures both hot and cold, conventional motor oil is not very good at withstanding heat as it has a tendency to disintegrate and loose valuable properties when the temperature rises. It also does not do well in cold climates and low temperatures. Rather it can put your engine in danger if the temperatures reach below zero degrees. This is because below 30 degrees Fahrenheit conventional motor oil will begin to thicken and not flow very well, causing it to not be able to effectively travel to the engine parts and denying them of the valuable lubrication protection they require. Full synthetic oil can easily withstand negative degrees without a problem and with no alterations to its composition and without minimizing protection.

Why You Need Synthetic Oil in Nebraska

Winter mornings here in Nebraska are very chilly and considerably cold, they can  easily reach zero degrees. This means that when you try to turn your car on in the cold winter mornings, the engine will suffer if the motor oil does not begin to lubricate quickly. In most cases where conventional motor oil is used, the car will require a certain warm up period, where the motor oil runs cold and suffers great amounts of wear and tear caused by friction, until the conventional motor oil starts to warm up and begins to flow throughout the engine again.

Prevent Engine Wear With Amsoil Synthetic Oil

The best solution to prevent all sort of harsh abrasion from cold starts is to use a high quality multi grade oil such as AMSOIL 5W-30 full synthetic oil. This means that your vehicle will be well protected year round as it has a viscosity that adapts adequately to the temperature, reaching a viscosity of 5 in the cold and maintains its regular 30 SAE grade at regular temperatures.

Great Specials for Your Synthetic Oil Change in Saunders County

Protect your vehicle against the dangers of friction and maintain the engine well lubricated with the best synthetic oil out there. Get your synthetic oil change today and use Amsoil for the best results. Call (402) 489-3930 today to purchase Amsoil products and learn about our specials.

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