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Synthetic Oil Can Benefit All Types of Engines

When we hear the word motor oil the first thing that comes to mind is cars or vehicles, but there are also other kinds of machinery and appliances that use oil in the engine. One common household machine that can greatly improve its performance with the use of synthetic oil is the lawnmower. That is why today at Olson Marketing we want to further discuss some of the benefits of using synthetic oil in your lawnmower.

Advantages of Using Synthetic Oil in Your Lawnmower

  • Less maintenance required. Since lawnmowers take care of dirty yard work, they work around an environment filled with dirt and soil, this can sometimes get inside the engine and overtime build up. Residue buildup can cause problems to the engine and in turn your lawnmower may need maintenance more often. Avoid sludge build up problems by using synthetic oil. Synthetic oil is great at preventing and protecting against foreign residue that may make its way inside.
  • Improved engine power. Synthetic oil can greatly increase the power of your lawnmower engine, creating a more potent and easier to use machine that can get the job done better and faster.
  • Longer durability. Lawn mowers are built to be sturdy machines, but other factors can sometimes create problems and engine wear. Synthetic oil works against several factors that may wear out your engine, such as friction, sludge and even external factors such as increased temperatures. In the summer most oils can heat up pretty fast and not lubricate your engine in a sufficient manner. Synthetic oil does not loose its lubrication and protection properties in extreme temperatures, making it ideal to use in your lawnmower year round.

Synthetic Oil Change in Lincoln

Get your synthetic oil change in your lawnmower today. Start experiencing the many benefits that Amsoil synthetic oil can offer. Contact us now or call us at (402) 489-3930. We are glad to provide quality products for all types of engines.

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