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2.  The first thing I suggest is that you clean your transmission … internally.  Here’s how:  Obtain a bottle of AMSOIL Engine and Transmission Flush (FLSHCN).  Follow the easy instructions on the bottle.  (For automatic transmissions)
  • NOT recommended for CVT transmissions...

Synthetic Oil Can Benefit All Types of Engines

When we hear the word motor oil the first thing that comes to mind is cars or vehicles, but there are also other kinds of machinery and appliances that use oil in the engine. One common household machine that can greatly improve its performance...

Don’t Fear Equipment Storage As

 we near the fall season it is quickly becoming clear that there are not too many days left to go boating on the...


Why should you choose AMSOIL?

Because we care more about synthetic oil than just making a profit Executing a perfect heel-toe downshift in your sports car, conquering tough terrain in your...


Amsoil Product Highlight: Full-SAPS 0W-40

Additional full-SAPS option fills niche demand for 0W-40 in European applications. AMSOIL has expanded its European Car Formula line to include a...


From the President’s Desk 

June 2015 
AMSOIL Magazine 

When I announced my decision to retire from the military as a jet fighter pilot it caught many off guard. I was still on...


Amsoil Product Highlight 

Whether riding aggressively, cruising or in stop-and-go traffic, AMSOIL 10W-30 and 10W- 40 Synthetic Metric Motorcycle Oil delivers the benefits most important to...


Service Your Lawn Mower with Amsoil 

It is important that all our equipment be serviced using Amsoil products. Not only is it designed to supersede manufacturer specifications, it is also...


Amsoil Magazine 

As a registered AMSOIL Dealer or Preferred Customer you should be receiving the AMSOIL MAGAZINE every month around the middle of the month. If you are not receiving this fact filled...


Product Highlights from Amsoil 

0W-40 Signature Series 100% Synthetic Motor Oil 

Along with the new 5W-50 viscosity formulated for high-horsepower Ford Mustang engines, the Signature Series line now includes a...


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