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If you want to truly want to enhance the performance of your engine, you need to pay attention to the type of motor oil you use and how the lubrication system is working. That is why today at Olson Marketing we want to further discuss how a synthetic oil change can assist the lubrication system so your engine performs better and becomes more fuel efficient.

Synthetic Oil Assists the Lubrication System  in Reducing Friction

In our previous post, we discussed how good lubrication is essential in order to to protect the engine against friction. The sole purpose of the lubrication system is to work to minimize friction and fight its negative effects. Friction is a constant factor inside the engine, and it is the result of the moving pieces that need to stay in continuous motion in order to keep the engine running. When these moving pieces come in contact with one another they scrape past each other in order to continue moving. That heated contact between the pieces is what we call engine friction. Since the movement of the engine parts is constant, the scraping also happens often, and without proper lubrication the parts can wear out quickly or breakdown.

Less Friction Equals Better Fuel Efficiency

Another side effect of friction is reduced fuel efficiency. The engine works hard to convert the gasoline into fuel in order to get the vehicle moving. However, not all the gasoline is used to fuel the actual movement of the vehicle, in fact, it is around a mere 20% that is truly used for this specific purpose. Most of the gasoline that the engine requires is used to fuel the rest of the functions that the need to be carried out in order to keep the car working. The radiator, the exhaust heat, the water pump, the lubrication system etc. are all examples of those minor tasks that together use up the other 80% of the gasoline that is not used to power the moving wheels. Now, friction reduces that already low fuel efficiency, by an even greater amount. Poorly lubricated pieces that are in movement create so much friction that it leads to a strong resistance between them. This not only slows down the movement but also causes the engine to have to work harder to move the pieces that are now in motion at a slower rate. When the engine has to work harder to push those pieces and get the job done, it uses up much more fuel.

Reduce Friction and Improve Fuel Efficiency With Synthetic Oil

Maintaining all the engine pieces that experience friction, well lubricated and working efficiently, is crucial in order to improve the fuel efficiency of the vehicle, and protect it against wear and tear. Not all motor oils offer the same protection and complete lubrication. Full synthetic oil is the most advanced type of oil, and the best choice when it comes to the most supreme lubrication and most coverage against friction problems and engine damage. Amsoil full synthetic oil can help reduce the waste of gasoline and save you a significant amount on fuel. Contact us today to learn how you can start saving, and visit our online Amsoil store to find all the right products to enhance the efficiency of your engine.

How the Lubrication System Works to Enhance the Engine

Synthetic oil is an important component of the lubrication system, but it is not the only important element. The oil system as a whole plays a major role in helping reduce friction and improve fuel efficiency. Without the lubrication system the oil would not be able to travel to the right locations and lubricate the engine parts correctly. The oil sits in the oil pan until the engine is turned on and the oil pump picks up the oil and absorbs it into the pick up tube. From there, the oil reaches the oil filter, there, the many particles and foreign materials such as dirt and gunk, that make its way to the oil, are filtered out. Once the oil filter has cleaned the oil, it the reaches the spurt holes and galleries that expand it in a uniform manner, to the engine parts that require lubrication.

Synthetic Oil Change Specials in Lincoln

At Olson Marketing, we can help you care for your vehicle and save money. Buy Amsoil full synthetic oil for your synthetic oil change and take advantage of our specials. Call (402) 489-3930 now. to learn how your vehicle can improve its durability and become more fuel efficient.

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