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Synthetic Oil, a Better Choice for Your Engine and the Environment

Without our vehicle, it would be almost impossible for us to get to work, school and the many places that are on our daily agenda. In other words, we are extremely dependent on our vehicles and our lives revolve around them in order to function. It is obvious our vehicles are important, but so is the environment, so how do we take care of our cars while trying our best not to cause as much environmental harm? Well, today at Olson Marketing we want to share some important information regarding this, and explain why  synthetic oil changes are a better option for your car and our environment.

Things to Consider When Buying Motor Oil

There are basically two things that you need to keep in mind when shopping around for the right motor oil for your vehicle. The number one thing you need to consider is how it will help improve your engine because a great working engine will not only help your car be more efficient it will also mean fewer problems for you and the environment. The second thing to think about is; How does the motor oil you use, interact with the environment?

The Best Choice: Amsoil Full Synthetic Oil

Conventional motor oils are refined from the raw material drilled from the ground: petroleum. In order for conventional motor oil to be made large machines must tap into a natural resource and extract the fossil fuel that will become the liquid that our vehicles need. Synthetic oil is created in a more laboratory-based setting where molecular elements are synthesized and altered to create a different type of compound hydrocarbon molecules, that have a much stronger lubricating property and are more resistant. The more chemically altered molecules of synthetic oil provide a greater amount of protection and higher level benefits for your engine. Amsoil is the most efficient full synthetic oil, with a numerous amount of advantages, it not only provides better care for your engine but it also treats the environment better. Contact us now to learn more about what you can do to improve your engine and reduce environmental waste.

Other Effects That Motor Oil Has on the Engine and Environment

There are several other effects that motor oil can have, that affect both your vehicle and the environment. Depending on the type of motor oil you use these can be favorable or prejudicial. The more natural components of petroleum based motor oil, make it much more vulnerable to many factors, especially heat. As a result, they face decomposition easily and even have a higher evaporation percent, which is released into the atmosphere and can add to the air contamination. Synthetic oil, on the other hand, is easily able to tolerate high temperatures and other intense conditions. So, while petroleum-based motor oil has an evaporation percentage of around 20% synthetic oil has that of about 4-10% depending on the quality of the oil and the conditions.

Less Oil Changes and Fewer Waste With Synthetic Oil

That same internal formula that makes conventional oil more prone to wear and deterioration of its lubrication properties is also the reason why it needs to be changed more often. In comparison to synthetic oil, conventional motor oil the oil needs to be changed quite frequently. Those frequent conventional oil changes means more oil being thrown out and a higher probability of that oil getting disposed of incorrectly. Synthetic oil helps reduce the waste of used oil by up to more than 50% with its prolonged durability it is able to continue to protect your engine and offer lubrication for many more miles and therefore, produces less waste.  However, If disposed of incorrectly, both conventional and synthetic oil will end up causing much damage and polluting our waterways. Make sure that if you change the oil yourself you dispose of it correctly find a hazardous waste facility that receives your used motor oil and there may even be one near you that can recycle and refine the oil for reuse.

Longer Intervals Between Synthetic Oil Changes in Omaha

Making positive choices for that benefit our environment and our vehicles can start with small changes. Never underestimate the power of one small choice to make the planet a better place, and in this case, the choice is simple. Increase the intervals between oil changes by using quality synthetic oil, and always make sure the oil you use is disposed of correctly. Call us at (402) 489-3930 and place your order of the best full synthetic oil, Amsoil.

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