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 How Synthetic Oil and Driving Factors Affect Fuel Consumption

We had previously mentioned how synthetic oil changes can improve the fuel economy of your vehicle, but today we want to further discuss the importance of reducing fuel use and provide further insight as to how synthetic oil and other factors can help you consume less fuel.

Why Decrease Fuel Consumption?

Reducing the use of gasoline and other types of fuel such as diesel is not just beneficial to you and your economy, it also helps the environment. Fuel use results in the burning of such fluids which end up releasing carbon dioxide and other damaging substances into our air. When gasoline or diesel are consumed they burn up and produce toxic byproducts that pollute our environment and endanger our health. Keeping gasoline use to a minimum may sound like a challenging task, but all it takes is small action steps to create an impactful positive effect in our environment and your wallet.

Synthetic Oil Can Help the Engine be More Fuel Efficient

The motor oil you use holds great importance when it comes to your engine´s performance. Using a good synthetic oil from a trustworthy brand is one of the most beneficial and simplest ways to improve fuel economy. AMSOIL is the most reliable brand in lubrication technology. Its variety of synthetic oils offers the utmost protection and resilient lubrication that adapts to the needs of your engine, always making sure that it is well covered and running at its best. Go to our AMSOIL store online and select the right synthetic oil for your vehicle. You may also contact Olson Marketing  directly so we can help you choose the best products for the maintenance of your vehicle.

How Does Synthetic Oil Reduce Gasoline Use?

Synthetic oil acts directly on the areas of the engine that require lubrication, providing immediate coverage for smoother and faster functioning. This efficiency leads to a better working engine that does not struggle with the resistance caused by the friction of the moving parts. Since the engine is superbly lubricated with synthetic oil and there is no struggle in the movement of the engine pieces, it does not need to reach out for more fuel to get it through the functions, reducing fuel use by up to 5%. If you think 5% of gasoline savings is not all that much, you would be surprised at how much it can add up to. Taking into consideration that the average car uses around 1,000 liters of gasoline a year a reduction of 5% would be around 50 liters. This can definitely add up over the years not to mention if several cars had that decrease in fuel use, there would be a lot less gasoline being burned up and polluting the air.

Better Driving Habits for Improved Fuel Economy

The way you drive also does a lot for fuel consumption, it can either help you save gasoline or waste it. If you drive a manual stick shift vehicle it is important to always use the right gear depending on your speed. Avoid using a lower gear than what you need, switch to a higher one the instant you feel the engine requires it, but try not to force it by accelerating. When using an automatic transmission vehicle, ease the accelerator allowing the vehicle to impulse itself and try no not use the other changes that power the engine as these can force it to use more fuel.

Avoid Driving at Higher Speeds in Streets With Constant Stops

Driving at very high speeds will increase the amount the fuel use of your vehicle. Always aim to stay within the recommended speed and never go over the limit. Another important driving factor that greatly affects the engine is constant use of the brake while going at higher speeds. When you are driving at a significant speed and have to brake suddenly, you are wasting much more gasoline along with using up other fluids. Try to drive at a more constant pace and avoid roads that have stop signs or stop lights around every corner as this can cause you to use up the fuel more quickly. If you cannot avoid these roads then make it a point to not take off full speed as you will have to stop often.

Specials That Will Increase Your Savings for Your Synthetic Oil Change in Saunders County

Take your engine to the next level with AMSOIL full synthetic oil and start improving the fuel efficiency of your vehicle. At Olson Marketing, you can save even more money with our synthetic oil specials. Call us today at (402) 489-3930 to find out more.

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